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What is Cellular Health?

What does it mean to support cellular health? It is much more straight forward than you might think. Cells are the building blocks of every living thing. (Scientists have determined there are 30-40 trillion cells within the human body). From muscle fibers and organ tissues to neurologic synapses and immunity, healthy functioning of the human body is dependent on the health of every cell within it. Poorly functioning and dehydrated cells deprived of essential nutrients lead to chronic illness and disease. By delivering hydration and micronutrients directly to the cells via the bloodstream we believe that cellular vitality can be restored. Thriving cells result in more vibrant, energetic, and healthier people, who are more resilient to disease and aging. Cultivating healthier cells overtime has the potential to change the trajectory of disease processes and the effects of cellular aging throughout a lifespan.

Take these two cells for example.

NYC Healthy Nutrition. (2022). Unhealthy cell vs. healthy cell.

The logic is quite simple.

Feed your cells. Protect your health.

This is why we get so excited about supporting cellular health here at Empower Wellness! No matter what your health goals are, there is an IV infusion suited to feed your cells what they are craving.

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