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Mechanical Compression Therapy

Mechanical compression therapy has been proven to benefit blood and lymphatic circulation within the whole body. By compressing the veins, blood moves faster through your system. Lactic acid and other wastes that build up in the tissues are carried away in the veins and back toward the heart. Compression therapy helps drain these metabolic wastes more efficiently,  

speeding up the recovery process.

This Restorative massage treatment allows your body to recover faster and feel fully revived.



Functionality You Will Love



  • Advance muscle recovery

  • Increased muscle performance

  • Increase blood flow 

  • Decrease Edema

  • Enhance lymphatic drainage

  • Reduce pain and soreness

  • Increase flexibility and range of motion

  • Reduces varicose veins

  • Decrease swelling


Ultimate Massage Experience 

Simultaneously increase circulation in your legs while reducing inevitable delayed onset muscle soreness from an ardent training session.


Improved Mobility Through Science

Developed by doctors and backed by years of research, Normatec is your personal on-call massage therapist that’s designed to maintain and boost mobility.


Robust Recovery

Normatec’s dynamic air compression technology utilizes over a decade of science-backed research to provide you with a restorative massage using 7 levels of pressure and ZoneBoost™ biomimicry designed to relieve pain and revive muscles.

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